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B&B International Gallery is located in the historic Starrett - Lehigh building in Chelsea, the heart of the gallery district in New York City. The Gallery has been featured in a number of national publications such as Elle Décor, W Magazine, Metropolitan Home, The New York Times, and New York Magazine. B&B International gallery has an exclusive clientele; some of our Santos already live in the homes of celebrities, high profile fashion editors, and serious art collectors. Sotheby’s has called our Santos collection one of the finest, and has sold two of the Santos at an auction

The B&B International Gallery is proud to present an exclusive collection of rare South American 'Santos' These hand-carved,-hand-painted wooden figures are examples of a unique art form that developed in Colonial South America, the result of the marriage of classical European devotional forms and vital traditions of native style. Our collection represents a mixture of the varying styles of the Colonial period. In the early period, the Indians brought their own experiences and traditions to the art form. The "primitive" Santos represent a simple and more naive interpretation. The look of the primitive Santos is closer in appearance to that of the Indians, with slightly angular eyes and a warm skin tone. The Spanish Colonial art, on the other hand, is more elaborate and detailed, influenced by the end of the Renaissance period in Europe and by traditional images of Christianity.

The subjects are distinguished by a radiant aura of humanity and compassion. Many people believe that the Santos emit a positive healing energy. This glowing effect is instilled in part by the special 'encarne' painting technique, which bestows a mysterious, translucent quality to the subjects' faces and exposed flesh. The encame technique is a process in which plaster is mixed with oil paints or vegetable dyes and is painted onto the wooden figures. The more valuable Santos have distinguishing characteristics such as metal face plates and crystal eyes. Specific styles vary from region to region, as Santos are known by schools rather than by the individual artists who created them.

Our collection at spans the entire Colonial period and offers a varied picture of the art from that time. These unique statues are as exquisite in their beauty and presence as they are difficult to find. Their rarity is even furthered by the fact that Santos, like Mayan art, are now considered patrimonial art and can no longer be brought out of South America. B&B International's collection features one-of-a-kind Santos from Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries. The condition of our collection is superior and most pieces are supported by a document of authenticity.

B&B International Gallery is located at West 26th St. Between 11th Avenue and West End Highway.
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